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Hello! This put a smile on my face, it's a very out there gameplay experience, but it's enjoyable. I think your object flying and spinning implementation works well, and I think there is a cohesive style in there with this strange mix of assets. The use of the explosions was also very well done and made the core gameplay loop of clicking on objects satisfying and funny. Over the course of 3 playthroughs, I tried a few strategies to get the sponsorship, but it seems that just like in real life, Sprite will not be sponsoring me. I thought I had figured it out when I realized that once I maxed a bar out to bar + 2 eggs, it could no longer go down, so I tried maxing my sprite bar then moving on to the intelligence bar, then the omega bar, but even with that, no sponsorship. So I would say a tutorial or a more defined set of goals would be helpful. However, in saying that I realize that would be taking out one of the things that kept me playing and trying again: the puzzle of the sponsorship deal. So maybe making it easier to figure out through gameplay how to get the sponsorship, without a direct tutorial is the way to go. I think even some feedback on the failure page like "you didn't have enough sprite" would go along way to make me feel like the sponsorship would be more attainable. Overall I enjoyed this experience and I think the Eric Andre music works well. Thanks!

I couldn't get the sprite sponsorship, but its super fun trying to! I wish I knew what the eggs meant and sometimes when I clicked on an object it wouldn't explode immediately, so there was a bit of a delay. I liked how destroying different objects affected the stats, but as time went on I didn't know which objects to destroy to get me closer to the sponsorship. Great game overall, nice work!

I didn't have the audio playing (sorry it works weirdly on my computer) This page is a lot of bright colors, maybe slightly darken them. I did have fun balancing the stats, but I wish the hit boxes were slightly larger

Hey! This was mesmerizing to play. I too did not get the sprite sponsorship but I enjoyed clicking all the different things and watching how they affected the stats. In terms of feedback I'd say maybe communicating to the player how you would get the sprite sponsorship could help! Great Job! 

This is a fun game, balancing all the four stats, and I love how you print the images on wooden boards. But sometimes the items get too crowded on the UI for a while, so I guess it would be more clear if the UI is always at the top of all the layers. And besides, when the toilet model in above the sprite, the bottom sprite explodes instead of the toilet.

I didn't get the Sprite Sponsorship :(. This was a cool game, but I wish I knew what the eggs meant, or why sometimes things go down. Also I don't know how to gain the sponsorship, do I max out all three bars? If so, isn't the toilet the best?

3/9, no sprite cranberry skin

why have product placement when i cant pay money for more product placement