Hold [ SPACE ] to change the rotation of Atoms in Orbit!

-Your Nucleus needs to grow by absorbing oncoming atoms, but don't them crash into the ones already in your orbit!

- The same atom cannot crash twice, or else we'll have a total fusion meltdown.

- You can press 'R' to restart the game. If you lose, the game will restart on it's own.

- The atoms get pretty small in the later rounds - I'd recommend Fullscreen


I'm no scientist. How the heck do atoms even work?


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I love how smooth the change of rotation is, however I feel like it can be exploited. I found a specific pace of pressing the space bar such that all of my atoms suspend(because it keeps changing rotation). The game becomes too easy at this point. Perhaps make the change of rotation into a toggle, or make it such that I can't spam space bar.

The rotating mechanics works with your amazing concept so much. Your game has a really good theme and I also like how those particles gathered before the ball moving. I think that when pressing SPACE, the atoms slowly stop and turning the other way feels smooth and comfortable to play with. It's very natural and it provides players with a good transition. The music and sounds also match so well. I played to the third stage and I would suggest that if the nuclear is actually growing, it will be easier for me to understand when I'm about to go to the next stage.  Also in the future stages, I expect that there will be more than one atoms moving towards the center nuclear since after being skillful, I guess more atoms increase the difficulty to the next level. Overall this is a greatly polished game!

I thought this was a really cool concept! The sound design feels super nice and the art's clear and readable - I especially liked the additions of the light hum throughout the entire game, it really instilled this feeling I'm working in some sort of high tech lab. I think my greatest critique would be with where the atoms spawn - sometimes they'd spawn right in your atom and cause you to instantly have a crash, and other times they'd spawn so far away you'd have to spend a good chunk of time just waiting - which felt rather tedious in the earlier stages where there wasn't much to do. This is a small thing but additionally, when the second nucleus first came in I had read it as an "enemy" nucleus that I want to absorb the atoms I was trying to get - it wasn't until I kept trying to get atoms with my previous nucleus and they'd zoom straight by me that I realized the other nucleus is also mine. I wonder if some kind of animation to show that the bigger nucleus is "finished" would help clarify that. Overall though it's a super well done game! I enjoyed playing it alot.

This is a really good game! I love the concept of growing the atom to a certain size and then having another one appear as the main one and the other one become a controllable obstacle! It has a good mix between having full control of the atoms rotation and no control.  I liked the look of the electrons and how they communicated that they are unstable. I think a less active nucleus would make the look of game more cohesive! 

I like this.

It's not too complicated for a game about atoms. There's definitely something enjoyable about how it feels to move the orbiting electrons. The first couple of level arn't that interesting to me, but the farther you progress the more it ties together into a pleasant experience as a whole. It was fun to be surgical about placement while keeping in mind the timing and ever growing threat of of each proceeding spawn. Often there are two or more incoming projectiles to deal with at once and that can be intense and exciting! The reward for precise movement and heightened awareness is plenty to keep me playing. I love the contrast between high intensity fast paced gameplay and the slow constant speed of the oncoming orb that is the center of the whole show. As each new orbit is gained you are forced to think faster while never losing touch with the slower pace of the inner electrons, what an excellent balance! Visually the simplicity of circles do their job and the audio feedback is really nice touch. I think this game has plenty to offer in it's current state which makes the polished version seem extremely promising to me. I look forward to your future work. Great job!

- Zach