You've been separated from your dolphin family - oh no! Swim around the area and  Call Out for them - they may call back if they're close enough to hear you. Keep an eye on your air (baby dolphins can't hold their breath that long)


- Use the Mouse to Look Around

- Swim Forward (Right Click / W)

- Call out ! (Left Click / Q)


All models and textures are either self-made, or from the Standard Unity Assets Package

All sounds are from


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I really like how you incorporate the baby dolphin's characteristic into your own game play, like how you need to go to the surface of the water to get air but you still want to swim underwater because you have a higher speed in the water. This is really a good moving mechanic. I also like how you are able you swim with your family when you reunited with them. One suggestion is that the map do seems to be a little bit too big to find something in it, and I often get lost with the sence of direction. I do agree with the Finn's comment that adding some landmarks would be make this better. Also I think maybe you can let the other dolphins scatter around the map, so you can find them one at a time and there's more chance that you can meet at least one of them. It is kind of furstrating if you swim in the water alone for too long, but it's also okay if that lonelyness is also your approach. Other than that, really good game and I like it a lot! 

You've so nailed the feeling of swimming its wonderful. From the high speed you move at underwater to the little delay on your turns, and especially breaching the top and getting a view of the surprisingly detailed world above, its all fantastic! I will say I've not managed to find my family, and while I think the big map is great, the lack of landmarks does hurt it. I got a call back once, but I was already swimming away at speed and I wasn't able to find it again. Perhaps making the space slightly smaller but with more distinct biomes would help. But other than that, the sound design and feel are all here and feel incredible. Great job!

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Hi, I think the feeling of swimming in the lake is really nice. And the physics when you hop out of the water is very realistic. However, I do find that if you tilt your camera at a specific angle, you will be able to see the entire under-water stuff without the intended fog/volumetric. But great job overall! -Frank

This is great. I love the feeling of the swimming and the environment.