The idea is to lead to purple guy around to collect all the purple tokens. He will chase you as long as you are not camouflaged (your current color has to match the area's color to be camouflaged).

- Right Click (Mouse) to move

- Q, W, E, R to change respective camouflage color

- 'P' to reset 


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I know this is a prototype, but I think your name could be more expressive of the content I'm going to experience.  Names are an essential way we interact with media, and coming up with even a functional name ("Hide From The Pill Monster") is valuable design work, which will give your audience a good idea of what you're trying to convey, and internally give you a way of referring to the game without "ownership" - "this is XX's prototype".  I'd challenge you to come up with a more creative name that just a functional one. 

This core idea is very solid, but I agree that your creative challenge asks for an interrelation between the various things you're using in your game.  I think picking three primary colors and using any colors that are between them uses up all of the constituent colors, for example, or restoring one color means giving up some of a different color, etc., etc..

I can't collect the beans! I think between this prototype and Jackson's, I'm feeling like there's not much to this color camo idea when the colors are just resources you start with and they drain. In that way, I think they're a little too similar.  They don't really change the way I think about resources, they just make me think "okay, so my resources are colors." It might be good to consider how a color gets used. Like, in the real world, how do I "use up" a color. In a paint sense, I can run out. Or digitally, each color comes with some specific Hue or amount of Brightness and Saturation, which maybe could be spent or combined. They interact with light in interesting ways. In the case of paint again, it takes up space and is spread over things. So you can collect it and apply it. Maybe something like this one would also be interesting if, in order to turn yourself red you have to take red off of the board somewhere, so by taking that camouflage you're also restricting where you'll be able to use it. Make sure you're really thinking through these questions! Your creative challenge is to make me challenge my understanding of a resource. I think to succeed at that you're going to have to really challenge your own understanding as well.