This is a game about yourself. I enjoy cooking and wanted to make a game about it, but in particular I wanted to capture what it feels like to have no money to buy groceries and to scrounge random ingredients that happen to be laying around the house to make whatever half-decent combination of food you can. 

I enjoyed making this game, especially coding it. I tried implementing a bunch of ideas/mechanics I've never done before, most significantly, this is the first 3D game i've made (other than the other projects in this class) and my first time using mouse interactivity, as well as utilizing mutable hashsets and converting them from arrays to compare the contents of arrays with varying sizes. I love the catharsis when some janky code you've been conceptualizing and tinkering with for a while finally works. For example, when I finally cracked how to mix ingredients that are put into the pot, it felt really great and like I actually kind of know what I'm doing when it comes to code. I was not too thrilled doing the 3D modelling. As you can see, it doesn't look excellent, but it has a certain feeling that makes all the models seem like a system in their own right (low poly and ugly lol). I'd like to practice 3D modelling more, but still my primary focus is currently on improving my programming ability to the best it can be. Hope you enjoy this "ultra-realistic" cooking sim :D

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AuthorNick Chirico
Made withUnity
Tagscook, incredible

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